ORC Week 3 | Living Room: Creating More Light & Space

It’s Week Three of the One Room Challenge, where I’m giving the living room in my rented house a wee spruce up. Catch up on the design plan for this room in Week One, and progress on the fireplace wall makeover in Week Two.

Honestly, I’ve struggled with motivation this week. I think mostly just because I’m so very much over not seeing people, and this whole situation. I know you feel me.

But I did get some stuff done, even if it wasn’t as much as I planned.

Peonies on mid-century console against Wevet Farrow and Ball

More Painting

I’ve done as much painting as I need to do for now – that is, all the walls have a full three coats, bar the window bay. I’m still totally in love with the colour (Farrow & Ball Wevet, colour matched to Johnstones in a soft sheen), and how much more light there is in the room.

Peonies against Farrow & Ball Wevet

Rehanging the Door

The door to this room is a lovely old wooden one. It’s been stripped of paint at some point, but there are still little remnants of the previous paint finish, and I love the character that adds.

Farrow & Ball Wevet with door blocking sofa

The thing I did not love was that it opened into the room in a direction that clashed with the sofa, which functionally was really annoying. It also visually cut off that corner of the room, although I don’t think I appreciated how much of an impact that had until we changed it. Seemed like a no brainer to switch it so it opened towards the wall instead.

Floor plans showing rehanging door in living room makeover

I checked with our landlord and she was on board. I didn’t trust my own DIY skills enough to do this myself, so I had a builder in (who is also one of my neighbours). It took him an hour and a half, and it has made a massive difference. Before, you can see how it eats into the room and blocks the sofa.

In progress painting with Wevet by Farrow and Ball

Now, it’s way more open.

Chesterfield sofa in living room makeover

The whole living room is a lot bigger, all of a sudden. And the benefits extend to the hallway too, because it lets way more light into that area too.

I stole the wall hanging from the kitchen. The plan was to hang new abstract art above the sofa, but the wall hanging might have to stay in here now. To be decided!

I still have to fill the holes from the old door hinges, paint the moulding and add a door stop. But it’s already a tick on the list of things making me happy.

Rehung paint stripped door


I sold the old chairs, but I still have to sell the mid century sideboard. Controversial, I know, but it’s too big for the room, and it’s unnecessary.

I’ve held off on ordering new furniture so far, because I want these bits gone first. There’s nowhere to store extra pieces and I don’t want to fill the house, even for a couple of weeks. Mess = stress, especially while we’re still on lockdown. And also because I’ll potentially have a slightly bigger budget to play with once those bits are sold.

The Living Room To Do List

Slowly checking things off…

1. Make it Lighter & Brighter

  • Strip the wallpaper
  • Repaint – just the bay left to do
  • Replace curtains with blinds
  • Add mirrors

2. Make It Tidier & More Functional

  • Hang the TV
  • Rehang the door
  • Get rid of/replace some of the furniture – in progress
  • Organise storage for electronics & guest bedding
  • Lighting plan/execution

3. Make It Happy

  • Add colour with art & textiles
  • Style the built ins with pretty things

What’s Next?

The TV and all the electronic shiz needs sorting, but I need help from the hubs on that so I can’t guarantee it’ll be any time soon.

In the meantime, I’m actually rethinking a few of the design choices. I still want the same overall vibe and colour palette, but I might splurge on a more comfortable chair. That means I’ll have to shave the budget in other areas. I’ll keep you posted, obvs.

Peonies in milk bottle

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  1. Jenna Pilant of Room Bloom Design
    May 23, 2020 / 7:48 am

    Great Color on that sofa ! Following along โ€˜ canโ€™t wait for next week !

    • May 23, 2020 / 8:14 am

      Thanks Jenna ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. May 24, 2020 / 11:27 pm

    I LOVE that door!! Crazy how much of a difference it makes to switch it to the other side.

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