ORC Week 7 | Living Room Design Updates

Today marks one week until the “big” reveal of my new living room. I’ve spent the last seven weeks redesigning this space to make it lighter, brighter, cosier and happier.

This room makeover is part of the One Room Challenge, an eight week design challenge that you can read more about in week one. If you want to catch up on progress posts from the rest of the challenge, there are links at the bottom of the post.

Furniture & Accessories

I sold the mid century sideboard. Controversial, because it’s a lovely piece, but we didn’t need it and it didn’t fit.

Eclectic living room makeover in progress - mid century sideboard

Saying goodbye to the sideboard meant I checked off the last of the pieces I needed to sell.

I was on a strict budget for this room, but I was hoping that if I made some adjustments to my original design plan, I’d have a bit of cash leftover. And I do, which is excellent because the kitchen needs little bit of love once the living room is finished.

I opted to use more of what I already owned and forego some of the furniture pieces on my wish list. It’s a compromise, but I’m still confident that I’ll end up with a lovely space at the end of it.

Made.com pink bean bag with sisal rug and modern mirror

I brought a chest down from another room and the mirror used to hang over the fireplace. I’d probably make different choices for this wall if I wasn’t trying to stretch the budget. But the mirror reflects light and the chest is handy storage. It all works for now.

I’m still waiting for a few bits to arrive – a hmong pouf, custom made curtains and a funky pink floor lamp. Duck knows if they’ll show up in time for the reveal. I suspect probably not, so next week is going to be a bit of a make it work moment.

Ikea Buksbo rattan chair

What did arrive this week though was my new Ikea rattan chair. It was not expensive, and I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t be comfy. But it is! And it’s pretty too.

Final Room Design Details

There are still some boring, fiddly jobs left to do, but I did get a few of them checked off the list this week. I tidied up a bunch of cables, hung the mirror, moved some shiz around. Exciting stuff, I know. Don’t drop the popcorn.

Ikea rattan chair & TV over marble fireplace

The Living Room To Do List

1. Make it Lighter & Brighter

  • Strip the wallpaper
  • Repaint – one weeny bit left
  • Replace curtains – ordered
  • Add mirrors

2. Make It Tidier & More Functional

  • Hang the TV
  • Rehang the door
  • Get rid of/replace some of the furniture
  • Organise storage for electronics & guest bedding – almost!
  • Lighting plan/execution

3. Make It Happy

  • Add colour with art & textiles
  • Style the built ins with pretty things

What’s Next?

Check back next week for the finished room reveal.

Head to the One Room Challenge to check out the featured designers’ progress this week, as well as all the guest participants.

One Room Challenge 2020 Guest Participant

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  1. June 19, 2020 / 9:26 pm

    this looks amazing! love the budget friendly chair and I didn’t even realize that’s IKEA! That fireplace looks so good and I can’t wait to check it all out next week!

    • June 23, 2020 / 10:40 am

      Thanks so much Tim! x

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