Design Finds | Woven Wall Hanging

In my original mood board for my living room design, I’d included a woven wall hanging. Unfortunately, the piece I’d used was basically impossible to get hold of.

I’d had a look at other weavings on Etsy, but I wanted something both very textured and very neat, and everything I found was either one or the other.

Then I found Anita Meads of By Bella Designs through Instagram (I’m EmmersonAnd15th over there), and totally fell in love with her work. When I got in touch on Etsy, she’d only ever done smaller weavings, and I wanted one three feet wide. But she already had a big loom and was willing to give it a go. We worked together on the colour palette, and I said I wanted something with “big chunky fluffy bits [which I’ve since learned is called roving] mixed with the tighter, neater bits.” I referenced one of her smaller pieces to show the sort of style I was after:

Anita sent me progress photos while she was working on the wall hanging, and I got more excited with each one…

It was initially hung on a wooden dowel, but that started to bend under the weight.

I’ve got a few other copper accents in the living room, so I suggested a copper dowel instead, and when it arrived it looked perfect.

The whole process took a couple of months from start to finish, but it was worth the wait. I am smitten with my woven wall hanging.

Woven wall hanging

It makes the whole room feel tranquil – it’s visually stunning, but doesn’t shout for attention. Which is perfect, because it’s now sitting pretty above a big old Chesterfield sofa, which kinda does shout for attention, in a good way!


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