A Graphic Light Box and a Mid-Century Dresser: Turning the Kids’ Shared Bedroom into a Boy’s Room

I’ve made a few updates to the kids’ room I made over last Spring. We had them sharing the space for a year or so, but now we’ve moved the wee one into her own room and this room is inhabited solely by our seven-year-old son. It didn’t take much to make it his rather than theirs.

Image of boy's room showing bed and bookcaseThe first thing was to move one of the beds out. That wall felt really unbalanced once it was gone, but moving the bookcase over there totally fixed the problem. I’ll probably change out the bedside cabinet, but so far I haven’t found anything I love for that spot. This one works for now.

The bookcase is now home to the boy’s toys and homemade creations. If you’re curious, the one on the top is a chocolate factory à la Willy Wonka, and obviously that’s a Minecraft zombie head on the second shelf. Nearly wrote creeper then – my bad! I still have to update (prettify) the bin labels.

Image of bookcase with lightbox and toy storage

The room needed more lighting, so we added a cute, graphic light box from Litecraft. Hello! The flourescent bulb is super bright, but it works really well nestled in the bookcase. It gives him much more light for building legos in the evenings. Isn’t it fun?

I tried to get a couple of photos with the light box turned on – these were the best I could do!

Image of "Hello" Litecraft lightbox turned on

Shelfie with lightbox turned on

Back on the opposite wall, I filled the nook left by the bookcase with a mid-century tall boy that I found on eBay. I love how it looks, but the drawers are pretty shallow (and they stick), so it might not be a long-term solution for that spot.

Mint Coral Navy Boys Room Kids Room Midcentury Chest of Drawers

What else is new? Well, the rug – I swapped out the little rug from Eleanor’s nursery for an inexpensive flatweave one. I kind of want it to be bigger, although I think it looks better it person.

Boys room with mid century tall boy and graphic rug

We added a trundle bed so this can be the guest room when needed.

Moving the other bed out meant we had space to put the wee man’s keyboard in here. It used to live in the other bedroom, and he rarely used it. It’s not the prettiest thing to look at but he practises way more now it’s in his room. The stool is also new – it’s adjustable and Sebastian just moves it from the piano to the drop-down desk when he needs to.

All these little updates have kept the room bright and fun, but definitely a bit more ‘boy.’ I still love how happy it is in here. Just like it’s occupant! 🙂

Image of super hero kid's artwork

This post was written in collaboration with Litecraft, who gifted us the light box. As always, all opinions are my own and I only share things I love and hope you will too.


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