How To Create A Polka Dot Wall (Quickly)

The polka dot wall was one of my favourite parts of Eleanor’s old nursery. It took me less than two hours and it had such a big impact on the room.

I used these gold dot decals from Land of Nod, but I know you can also find similar ones on Etsy and they’d be easy to make with a Silhouette or a Cricut. I used three sets to cover about 75 sq feet of wall space, so it ended up costing $75. Your spacing will dictate how much they cover though.

To start, I stuck one dot on the wall, then eye-balled the next at what seemed like a good distance, using a level to make sure they weren’t wonky. I think they were about eight inches apart. Next I measured the same distance directly down from the first and stuck another below, then added a fourth in the middle of the diagonal.

Does that make sense? I’ll number the order I did the first few in; hopefully it’ll be clearer.

Once I had the first few done, it was easier to determine where the rest would go, but even so, I realised measuring each one was going to take hours, if not days. The dots in that picture took me about half an hour. Then I had a light bulb moment…

I grabbed the biggest sheet of paper I could find (bigger is better) and traced over the dots that were already on the wall, and cut out a stencil with holes slightly bigger than they needed to be. (Excuse the iPhone photos.)

I stuck it up with painter’s tape using the dots already on the wall as a guide and stuck new dots in the holes – so in the pic below, the top two dots were already up, then I used the stencil to add four more.

Suddenly the process got a whole lot quicker.

The rest of the wall took me just over an hour, maybe an hour and a half.

My three sets didn’t quite cover the whole wall (which was about 100 sq feet), so I didn’t hang them in spots you can’t see – behind the picture, behind the crib and even behind the chair. If we hadn’t been moving a few months later, I’d have just bought another set and finished the job properly.

The stencil made it super easy to get them uniform and it really didn’t take long to cover the wall. I loved it! I wanted to save them and put them up again but when I peeled them off the wall it was impossible not to damage them (I’ve heard that non-metallic decals are sturdier). That said, I’m still tempted to do the project over again – it’d even be cute in a bathroom or an entryway, and it’s a perfect project if you’re renting and can’t paint.



  1. January 23, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    I am a huge sucker for polka-dots and gold ones in a nursery are perfect! I love how you made it so easy to get them placed just right. Thank you for linking up to The Makers. Hope to see you back next Tuesday!

  2. January 24, 2014 / 12:21 am

    Love gold polka dots on a light pink wall! It looks perfect. And using the decals must be so much faster than painting. Thanks so much for linking up at The Makers! 🙂

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