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I’ve had a Chesterfield sofa bed on my wish list for a long time now. And I finally found “the one.” Check out Clementine.

Chesterfield sofa bed

Choosing “The One”

A lot of time went into selecting this sofabed. I decided on one from Love Your Home over a year ago because they’re solid, great quality, and well priced. I was torn between two models, though – the more traditional, chunky Churchill or the curvier, more feminine Clementine.

Clementine & Churchill chesterfield sofa beds from Love Your Home

I went to check out both sofas in person twice before I finally decided on the Clementine. It’s not the one I’d used in my original mood board for the room, but the Clementine’s arms curve down from the back, which makes it visually look smaller compared to the Churchill’s traditional Chesterfield shape, although they actually have very similar dimensions. Considering how narrow our living room is, less visual space seemed the better choice.

Bringing Clementine Home

Lamp and sofa bed

I had concerns that, with the scale, it would dominate the room. It definitely commands attention, but it hasn’t taken over.

I’ve had to rearrange the room layout to accommodate the sofa bed. There’s a radiator near the patio doors about 10 cm deep, so we can’t move the sofa up that way any further without having it stick out too far into the middle of the room. That meant rearranging the side tables, so a longer chest is nestled by the bookcase now. It’s working.

Eclectic living room

Our old sofa was microfiber and, after six years of abuse from kids, dogs and clumsy adults, it still looked new. So going with microfiber for the Chesterfield sofa bed was a no-brainer. Love Your Home calls it “stain resistant velvet,” which sounds much nicer. This is the Atlantis colourway. The kids have already spilled yogurt on it, and it wipes right off.

Chesterfield sofa bed arm
Sofa throw cushions

Everything about Love Your Home’s sofas can be customised, but we stuck to the standard dimensions for their biggest size (more on why so big in a sec). I picked dark oak bun feet, which play nicely with the other dark elements in the room.

Bun feet

The sofa is crazy comfortable – firmer than it looks, and deep, which is perfect for curling up on to read (or blog).  I snapped this photo of my little bookworm before we’d layered the new Moroccan rug on top of the jute one.

child reading on sofa

I love how the Chesterfield sofa bed looks with the woven wall hanging above it. The cushions might change – I fell for some at Decorex – but they’re good for now.

Chesterfield with woven wall hagning above

As A Sofa Bed

You know what? It gets better…

Chesterfield sofa bed at night

It’s not just a Chesterfield, it’s also a sofa bed! (You can read about my tips for creating a temporary guest space here.)

Chesterfield sofa bed

That’s why we went with the biggest size – it hides a proper, standard-size double bed. We upgraded the mattress to one with pocket springs and a memory foam top. I tested it out myself and it’s very comfy.

Love Your Home sofa bed

I’m very happy with the new Chesterfield sofa bed – it was worth the wait!

This post was written in collaboration with Love Your Home. All opinions are my own.


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  1. April 19, 2017 / 10:39 am

    Love this chesterfield sofa, it looks absolutely stunning! Although I’m a bigger fan of creamy colors, this one looks great as well. Thanks for sharing!

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