Low-Key Christmas Decorating

Simple Christmas Decorating: Pink Gold Mint Christmas Tree with Presents

I stick with simple when it comes to Christmas decorating. I use the same stuff every year, and generally only add to it when I can find pretty things in the sales after Christmas. Tree decorating is a whole family affair, so it’s full of cardboard and craft paper creations. It’s even got tinsel on it, at the kids’ request. There are bits with loads of baubles clumped together and other bits that are rather sparse, and the beads are especially wonky this time around.

Simple Christmas Decorating: Pink Gold Mint Christmas TreeWe have a cute tradition where, every year, each kid picks out a unique ornament to buy for the tree. The idea is that when they set up their first home, they’ll each get a sentimental start on their own Christmas decorating. I’ll admit that I do try to steer them towards things that are white, silver or gold. Thankfully they’ve both been happy to go with that, so far!

Simple Christmas DecoratingSome of my most favourite decorations are the little photo frames of each kid on their first Christmas day. I’d quite like to add to these – like maybe one every five years or something.

Pink Gold Mint Christmas DecoratingApart from the big tree, the rest of the decorations are pretty minimal. There are a few smaller trees (including one in each kid’s room) and a garland over the cupboards. Outside, there’s a wreath on the door and some fairy lights. We don’t have a lot of space to store stuff, and I actually find that adding lots of seasonal decor makes the house feel cluttered, which stresses me out. I like it in other peoples houses, just not my own!

Natural Garland Christmas Decorating Moroccan LanternsI’ll be out now for at least the next couple of weeks (festive frivolities and all that), but I’ll be back in the new year with some big changes for the blog. I’m talking about a new look, new site and even a new name. I can’t wait to get it all off the ground and show you. Until then, hope you all enjoy the holidays!


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