DIY: How to Make a Boho Wall Hanging with Wooden Beads

I made a little DIY wall hanging with wooden beads to go above the bed in Eleanor’s bedroom. You might have spotted it in my One Room Challenge reveal post. It was super simple and very last minute, but I love how it turned out.

How to Make A DIY Wall Hanging

For Your Wall Hanging, You Will Need:

Supplies Needed - How to Make a Wall Hanging with Wooden Beads DIY Tutorial

1. Plan out your Wall Hanging

First up, I made a little sketch of how I wanted my wall hanging to look. I made a few little tweaks as I went along, but it was really handy to have an idea of where I was headed before I started.

2. Attach your metal rings together and start knotting

I started off by attaching my two metal rings together with a piece of yarn using a larks head knot, leaving extra at the top to hang it on the wall later on. I added a few wooden beads in between the hoops, and a few more above the top hoop, which you can see better in the pics further down.

I cut the yarn in lengths that were twice as long as I wanted the wall hanging to be, plus a few extra inches. Taking four four strands at a time, I used more larks head knots to attach them to the bottom of the largest ring. The more strands you use at once, the thicker it’ll look. I started with my base yarn (white), then added some strands of mustard and lilac in afterwards.

Bottom row of yarn - How to Make a Wall Hanging with Wooden Beads DIY Tutorial

Close up of larks head knots - How to Make a Wall Hanging with Wooden Beads DIY Tutorial

When the bottom row was as wide as I wanted it, I moved on to the top row of my wall hanging. I started off using strands of four pieces of yarn again, but then took them off and used strands of two pieces. It gave me a neater, lighter look, which I preferred on the smaller ring. You can see the difference in these two photos. It’s the same amount of yarn in both images.

3. Add the details

I added wooden beads to my wall hanging as I went, threading each set onto a single strand of yarn. I didn’t have to knot them. They fit tightly enough that they just stay in place, but obviously they’d be more secure with a little knot above and below each set.

Adding blush yarn details and more wooden beads - DIY wall hanging

4. Hang & trim

Once I had my wall hanging the way I wanted it, I hung it above the bed where it was going to live, so I could get the length right. I tucked the top row of yarn out of the way so I could see the bottom row better, then basically just eye-balled it. I cut the yarn in a chevron shape.

Trimming yarn on DIY wall hangingTrimming yarn with scissors on DIY wall hanging

When the bottom row was neat and tidy, I let the top row down again, and trimmed it to match.

Global boho kids room makeover - DIY wall hangingHow to Make Wall Hanging with Wooden Beads DIY Tutorial - hanging above bed

And that was it. Done. The wall hanging took me an evening – maybe a couple of hours total – and I think all the supplies rang in at about £23. It ties in perfectly with the colours in the rug, and the wooden beads echo details in the rest of the room too.

Emmerson & Fifteenth | Global boho kids room

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How to Make A DIY Wall Hanging


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