Morocco Trip Report: Where We Stayed

I have to share a few pics of where we stayed in Morocco, because it was super cute. It was a compound of villas about half an hour from central Marrakech – a little oasis called Fawakay Villas. They have three guest villas, as well as the owner’s house, and we stayed in the smallest one.

Our bedroom was lovely and bright – neutral but with lots of texture, like the gorgeous Moroccan wedding blanket on the bed.

The floors were done in river rock throughout, which extended up in place of baseboards, even on the edges of the built-in bed.

We had a built in bath nook, again done in river rock. I’m not usually a fan of bathtubs in the bedroom but I actually loved this one, I think because it still felt separate.

Moroccan design is all about the details – like that faucet!

The shower area (it was all open plan) was stunning too – it was clad in Tadelakt, which is a waterproof polished plaster. I wish I’d taken my big camera – these don’t do it justice.

That mirror is made from an old tyre.

The villa had another bathroom with a big soaking tub, also done in the polished cement. I only had my iPhone and didn’t manage to get a good photo, so I pulled this one from their website.

On the upstairs terrace, there’s an outdoor bed – we actually tried sleeping under the stars one night but it was so noisy – African toads are louder than dogs barking!

Pretty details were sprinkled throughout, and the lighting was amazing, as you’d expect.

I loved the table and tie backs in the dining room…although I wish I’d straightened those pictures!

I asked if I could have a nosey around the other two villas while they were between guests, and they were equally pretty…

I loved the massive daybed on the courtyard, and all the doors were amazing.

This bedroom was a mirror version of ours, only with clay tile floors and aqua accents.

In their nook, there was a little sitting area instead of a bathtub.

I really liked the detailing on the windows…

And from the outside too…

 This is Doris, who wanders where ever she wants. She was such a sweetie.

There was a massive Berber tent at the bottom of the garden where you could share a shisha.
Moving on to the biggest of the three villas…

They were mid-cleaning for the next guests when I took these, which is why there aren’t any cushions on the chairs.

Another gorgeous bath nook!

Their master bath was a lighter version of ours, which I love equally as much. Again, I didn’t get a good photo of this so I pulled this one from their website.

And I’ll finish with their neutral twin room (also from their website).

There was a lot more loveliness that I didn’t get photos of (like all the common areas) – if you’re interested, you can check out Fawakay Villas’ website here.


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