Design Board: An Industrial, Art Deco-Inspired Bedroom

It’s been a while since I shared a fantasy mood board. Today’s bedroom design all started with the bed. It’s definitely a bit more glam than I tend to go for, but I kinda love the Art Deco lines on the headboard, and the Scandi-style feet with their little brass ends are just so pretty.

Rather than go all-out luxe, though, I decided to pair the glamourous bed with a few industrial touches, because you know that’s my jam. And set it all in a loft room, because who says you can’t go all out just because you live in a little terrace (like I do)?

Mood Board - Industrial Deco Eaves Bedroom


  1. VELUX Blinds – VELUX
  2. Revolve Rise & Fall Pendant Lights – Bert Frank
  3. Upholstered Bed – Sweetpea & Willow
  4. Pattern Play Lumbar Cushion – West Elm
  5. Art Deco Cushion – Sweetpea & Willow
  6. Nightstands – Swoon Editions
  7. Faux Monstera Plant – Sweetpea & Willow
  8. Vintage Copper Pot/Planter – 1st Dibs
  9. Diamond Steps Wool Shurrie Rug – West Elm
  10. Embroidered Cushion – West Elm
  11. Spoke Tubchair – Sweetpea & Willow

I think that, for loft windows, VELUX blinds are really the only way to go. We have them in our bedroom and bathroom (both loft rooms), and they’re so crazy functional – great at blocking light.

This bedroom design includes quite a few pieces from Sweetpea & Willow, including the bed. That’s because I went to a blogger event last week at their Isleworth showroom, and I was kinda bowled over with all the prettiness (photos coming soon). The chair is from there as well. It makes a statement, but also looks crazy comfy (although I didn’t sit in it). I saw the faux plant in person and it was so convincing.

Incidentally, on their website, they describe the bed as Art Nouveau, but to me it feels Deco. Yes, it’s curvy but it’s not overly ornate, I don’t think. I don’t know, I probably just need more education on design movements!

I’m super into the brass detail on the bottom of the nightstands (from Swoon Editions) and how they echo the bed feet. And the patterns on the rug and cushions also feel a bit Art Deco. I tend to go with the rule that if you’re combining multiple design styles, as long as each one is repeated at least a couple of times, you’ll maintain consistency and keep your space looking intentional. Ditto with mixing metallics, like the brass and copper here.

This post was written in collaboration with VELUX Blinds Direct, and contains some affiliate links. All opinions and daydreams are, as always, my own.


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