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A rattan radio!Lexon Hybrid LCD Radio
This pouffe from Maisons Du Monde sports a similar white & natural weave combo, and I love the tribal print.


I’m on a mission to slowly replace all the things in my house that aren’t both beautiful and functional. There’s no reason not to have both, right? I discovered Native Union‘s range of charging cables and accessories at Design Junction, and they definitely fit that brief.

Native Union Nautical Phone Accessories Cables

Inspiring Spaces

London-based designers Turner Pocock had a house featured in last month’s Home & Garden magazine, and it was so pretty. I’ve since discovered more of their work, and I love it all. This dining room is one of theirs:

Turner Pocock Dining Room

And so is this industrial dining/kitchen space. Those interior windows are killer.

Industrial kitchen with navy cabinets and steel framed windows by Turner Pocock

Turner Pocock ealing-house-02


These painted houses are part of an extraordinary village in Burkina Fasa, West Africa, which you can read more about here.

Burkina Fasa Painted Houses

Burkina Fasa Painted Houses

Burkina Fasa Painted Houses

Burkina Fasa Painted Houses

Burkina Fasa Photos by Rita Willaert

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