A Simple DIY Framed Poster

Does this really require a tutorial? No, it does not. It was super simple and took all of twenty minutes. Am I going to give you one anyway? Damn straight.
So, I bought a length of rounded wood trim, costing about £2.50, and cut four equal lengths, all a little wider than my poster. I already had string, but if I’d had to buy that too, it would’ve made my total supplies come in at about £4.50. The print I used was this one.
I sanded the edges, then drilled holes two inches in from the ends. I punched corresponding holes in my poster and threaded string through, sandwiching the poster between the wood at both ends. You could add a line of glue to secure it, but it’s not necessary.
That’s it. The end.
I like the untreated wood, but you could stain or paint it too.
It’s hanging in the kids’ room, which is in progress. Such an easy, affordable way to add large-scale art – it would work on any size print.
I was sent my print by Poster Lounge, which has a huge selection of posters. I picked the Bryce Canyon print because it’s on my travel wishlist. J went in 2014 and I was rather jealous, but if I’d gone, the kids would have gone, and they weren’t really up for day-long hikes, what with the short legs and all. We’ll go back all together one day when their legs are less short.
In my search for artwork, a few other pieces caught my eye at Poster Lounge. It’s almost overwhelming actually – you can pretty much search for anything and it’ll be there.
I’ve been eyeing vintage-esque travel posters for a while…
{Yellowstone National Park Poster}
{Sequoia National Park Poster}
{Los Angeles Continental Airlines}
{Yosemite United Airlines}
Then there was this guy, who almost made my pick. I’d quite like our living room to have a giant Bison watching over it, but J wasn’t feeling it (boo).
{Yellowstone Bison Print}
I’m always a sucker for a good map.
{Chicago Map}
{Map of London Poverty}
I stumbled on this drawing of Richmond Palace searching for “Richmond.” I had no idea Richmond had had a palace – it was demolished in the 1650s – so I got a little lesson in local history.
{Richmond Palace}
I rather liked this painterly photo of a Californian sunset…
{La Jolla Ocean Sunset}

And this graphic print. All the pretty colours.

{Pretty Mountains}

Okay – last one. I’m tempted to put a Turner print somewhere in our house, I’m just not sure where yet.

{Venice, Seen by Fusina – Joseph Mallord William Turner}
Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post by Poster Lounge, but all opinions are my own.



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