Organizing the Big Boy Room

When we moved from loft #1 to loft #2, we pretty much transported everything from Sebastian’s bedroom from one place to the other, even down to the paint colour. The new room was a similar size with the same concrete ceilings and pillars, except this one had windows (the first was an enclosed loft room) and hardwood floors.

There was one other difference though – I organized the beejesus out of this one. Hurrah.

Check out the closet.

All the shelving was already there, so I just added bins, baskets and hanging shelves to make it work for us. Here’s the low down on what’s where…

The room doubled as our guest room, so I left hanging space for anyone who came to visit above the nappy basket.

All the bins are “Top Boxes” from Land of Nod, and I cut out labels from chalk board vinyl and used a chalk pen to write on them so that when we updated the contents, we wouldn’t have to switch the labels too. The doors stayed open most of the time Sebastian was awake, so he could pull out whatever he wanted to play with and/or make silly faces at himself in the mirror (hung at his head-height).

We had locks like these so we could shut the closet off when he was supposed to be sleeping – the little guy was only two when we moved here so he definitely didn’t have the self-restraint to leave things alone otherwise!

The bins used to live in his Expedit:

We moved the Expedit into the new room too, and it had a cute little gallery wall over it, but apparently I never took a photo. Anyway, second time around, we filled four of the cubbies with books, the drawers with undies and pajamas, and kept trucks in the two remaining cubbies. There was also a reading chair in one corner (the same one we had in his previous room).

Stuffed animals lived in a big basket nearby, underneath a cabinet frame that housed up to 50 sheets of art work. I especially like the self-portrait that was adorning it when I took these photos. He’s a handsome chap, isn’t he?

The shelves housed more books and a few photos. The remaining toys lived under the bed in wheeled bins, so he could just pull them out and play.

This room was Sebastian’s sanctuary for a long time – it was the only place he could play where he didn’t have to share with the baby (who was decidedly prone to destruction at the time…although not much has changed there), and it was lovely and light and big.

Also, because I know someone will ask, the crochet dachshund (on the bed) is available here.


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  1. June 5, 2014 / 6:20 pm

    Looks awesome!!

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