Organising An Industrial Toddler Bedroom

Before moving back to the UK, we lived in two different loft apartments in the same Chicago building. Because I’d only just finished designing my son’s industrial toddler bedroom when we had to move from the first apartment, I kept the interior design very similar in his new bedroom.

The new room was a similar size, with the same raw concrete ceilings and pillars. This room had huge steel framed windows where the first was an enclosed loft room, and hardwood floors rather than carpet.

Industrial toddler bedroom with DIY bed frame
DIY upholstered bed
Shelf styling in toddler bedroom

Everything In Its Place: Organising A Toddler Bedroom

Organisation plays an essential role in interior design, and toddler bedrooms are no exception. In the closet, I worked with existing shelving and a variety of affordable storage solutions to make the space as functional as possible.

Truck themed decor over closet closet in toddler bedroom

With wire storage already installed, I added bins, baskets and hanging shelves to make it work for us.

Organising toddler bedroom closet with bins and shelves

This industrial toddler bedroom played double duty as a guest room, so I left hanging space for out of town visitors to use (above the woven basket).

Organising toddler bedroom closet

The toy bins are from Land of Nod. The lids rest on the bases, so they’re easy for toddlers to access. Vinyl labels on each bin were easy to update if/when the contents changed. A mirror hung at toddler head-height made the closet an extended play space.

Wire closet shelving

The closet doors stayed open most of the time Sebastian was awake, so he could pull out whatever he wanted to play with.

Bifold cupboard locks like these meant we could shut the closet and hide all the toys away at bedtime.

Industrial growth chart in blue toddler bedroom

A big basket held stuffed animals, easy for a toddler to keep tidy. And a cabinet frame housed up to 50 sheets of art work for a rotating display.

Above that, wall mounted shelves held books and a few photos. Additional books lived in an Ikea Expedit on the opposite side of this industrial toddler bedroom, along with oversized toys like trucks and blocks.

Wall mounted shelves and cabinet frame for displaying child's artwork

The remaining toys lived under the bed in wheeled bins, so he could pull them out and play.

Wheeled underbed toy bins
Industrial toddler bedroom with DIY upholstered bed

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