25 Stunning Wall Clocks Under £100 (Mostly)

I have to admit, I’m taking a bit of artistic license when I say 25 Wall Clocks Under £100. What I should say is, 17 wall clocks under £100 and eight pricier ones. Oh, and two of them aren’t actually wall clocks, they’re standing clocks. But anyway…yay clocks! I’ll just go home now… Psyche…I’m back. Still banging on about clocks. I’ve had this post half-drafted for months, actually, ever since I spotted a fab concrete wall clock at Design Junction back in September. I cleverly forgot to add that one into the round-up,… View Post

Favorite Things: A New Orleans Family Vacation Rental, A Tiny Home & Ugly Shoes

Travel: A New Orleans Family Vacation Home Our New Orleans family vacation was one of my favourite family holidays ever. We traveled there from Chicago on Amtrak – so fun! The only part of the trip that I might have done differently was our accommodation. We stayed in a hotel in the financial district, which was fine, but didn’t give us a very authentic New Orleans experience. This shotgun rental home, in the city’s Lower Garden District, would definitely have solved that issue. Isn’t it gorgeous? This New Orleans family vacation… View Post

Mood Board: Industrial Inspiration for an NYC Apartment Design

I would very happily live in the imaginary home featured in today’s design plan. It’s a mood board for an NYC apartment design that I put together as part of an application to design school (!!!) It features lots of the industrial details I love combined with organic elements and a refined colour palette with on-trend accents of deep green. The client Male, early 30s, single, fabulous. Works in fashion PR in New York City. Loves to entertain. The brief Give character & style to a generic new-build 5th floor studio apartment… View Post

The Floor Plan (And What I’d Do If It Were Mine)

I’ve drawn up a floor plan for the last few houses we’ve lived in, usually before we’ve moved in. They’re great for getting an idea of what will fit and how layouts might work before you start shifting furniture around. You can accurately measure square footage this way, and it’s interesting to see how different houses really compare. Our current home is about 1100 square feet (102 square meters). For comparison, our previous rental was 880 sq ft, and I can tell you that extra 220 sq ft makes a… View Post

Mood Board: A Black And White Bathroom with Wood and Brass Accents

If we owned our home, rather than renting it, there are definitely a few changes I’d want to make. High up on the priority list would definitely be a black and white bathroom renovation for our master suite. Of course, I already have an idea of what I’d do! A monochrome palette would work well with our master bedroom, but adding brass and wood accents would warm the scheme up and keep it feeling cosy. This is a look that I’ve pinned variations of on my Bathrooms pin board a lot – I just… View Post