A Global Boho Girls Bedroom | One Room Challenge Week 1

It’s One Room Challenge time again! The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual design event, hosted by Calling It Home. Over the course of six weeks, design bloggers work on transforming a space, posting weekly updates. Every Wednesday, 20 featured designers post their progress (see their links here), and every Thursday, guest participants join in (check those out here). If you’d like to skip to any of my other posts for this round of the challenge, here are those links: Plans for Eleanor’s Global Boho Bedroom (Week 1)Befores & Details on… View Post

Get the Look: ’80s-Inspired Geometric Home Decor

Well, lovelies, I’m back with round two in my Get the Look series, following on from my interior design trends round up post. Last week, it was all about Greenery. Today, we’re talking 80’s-inspired geometric home decor. Think crisp, graphic prints and plenty of bold colours. Making Spaces’ bold drawing room (below), pulls this look off immaculately. Most of what I remember from the 80s was not pretty as far as home decor goes, but I am loving this modern take on it rather a lot. Especially the lighting – there is some very good… View Post

Get the Look: The Greenery Trend

We are currently in the midst of a self-imposed spending freeze, and to curb my desire to shop/decorate, I’ve been window shopping online instead. Obviously, I found a lot of pretty things, so I’m rounding up a whole host of them to piggy back off my 2017 interior design trends round up post. Starting with green, green, glorious green. I labelled this trend in home decor “Botany” in my last post, but although palm prints can look amazing (like in Whistler Leather’s showroom, above, and the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, below), my personal… View Post

So Hot Right Now: 2017 Interior Design Trends Report

I spent last Thursday perusing all the pretty things on display at London Design Week. I’ve been asked a few times recently – particularly by friends and family who want help decorating their own spaces – what’s trending in interiors. Now, I’m not saying you have to follow even a single one of these to have an awesome home. Because, you know, you do you. Except I personally love almost all of the interiors trends in this round-up. And whether you want to follow them or not, they’re fun to… View Post

25 Stunning Wall Clocks Under £100 (Mostly)

I have to admit, I’m taking a bit of artistic license when I say 25 Wall Clocks Under £100. What I should say is, 17 wall clocks under £100 and eight pricier ones. Oh, and two of them aren’t actually wall clocks, they’re standing clocks. But anyway…yay clocks! I’ll just go home now… Psyche…I’m back. Still banging on about clocks. I’ve had this post half-drafted for months, actually, ever since I spotted a fab concrete wall clock at Design Junction back in September. I cleverly forgot to add that one into the round-up,… View Post