Long Time, No Design

Ummm HI! It’s been a while. Two and a half years, actually. Things happened, I got busy. I completely dropped off the face of the blog world. I made a few half-arsed Instagram posts for a few months, tried to keep up with my favourite design reads, and then it all tailed off and… nadda. I’m not going to launch back in with an essay on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. One day I might… but for now, if anyone is still reading/interested, here are the headlines.… View Post

Do Capsule Wardrobes Actually Work?

I hopped on the capsule wardrobe trend two years ago. It took me a few seasons to curate my clothing collection to the point where it might be considered a proper capsule wardrobe, and you can check it out further down. But now that I’ve got it almost nailed down, I thought I’d talk about how successful it’s been. What is a Capsule Wardrobe? On the off-chance that you missed that whole thing and want to know what a capsule wardrobe is, it starts with pairing down your wardrobe as… View Post

Inspiring Design: A Neutral Scandinavian Apartment

Man, this whole trying-to-be-productive-even-though-the-kids-are-off-school is just not really working out. I’ve basically given up. I’m just going to embrace the fact that I will be confined to play parks surrounded by screaming children or covered in glitter for the next week or two. Actually, as I write this, I am in fact sitting in a horrendous indoor play area. It’s so loud, you guys – audibly and visually. But look – this Scandinavian apartment isn’t! It’s light and bright and calm and I’ve been pretty much obsessed with it since… View Post

The Difference The Right Window Treatments Can Make & A Boy’s Room Mood Board

Well, hi! I did not plan to be away from the blog for as long as I have been. We just got back from three weeks of visiting family and friends Stateside, and although I had grand plans to blog over there, it just didn’t happen. I’ve been working on lots of very exciting things though, and I’ve got a backlog of fun stuff to share with you, starting with a few updates to the boy’s room! This space got some attention not too long ago. I added a mid-century dresser, moved… View Post

An Afternoon with Sweetpea & Willow

I went to the most fun blogger & press event at Sweetpea & Willow a couple of weeks ago. Their Isleworth showroom is only about three miles down the road from me in South West London, but I’d had no idea it was there. It’s packed with lovely things, and very glam. Now, glam is not my usual interiors repertoire but, as you might be aware, I tend to like all the things. And there was a lot to like. I’ll throw in here that Sweetpea & Willow did not… View Post