Art to Hang Over A Large Sofa

Get ready for a barrage of indecisiveness. Again! Today’s subject: art.

One of the major things I want to update in our living room for the #1Room30Days challenge this month is to get some art hung above the sofa to replace the set of party tassels that have been up there for six months.

As I have mentioned twenty-seven times, I am planning to replace the sofa with a beautiful navy velvet Chesterfield; a little different from the one in the mock ups below, but similar. I’m thinking probably one big piece of art, maybe two. Here are a few of the options I’m considering so far, and some I’m just dreaming about, priced low to high…

NYC Map Prints Frames // Ikea
Total £40 
Jamie Emmerson’s Utah Blossoms 42″ x 28″ Canvas Print
(contact me 
to purchase) – £36 + DIY Frame – £4.50
Total – 
Jamie Emmerson’s Utah Blossoms Print 36″x 24″ £30
contact me to purchase) + Frame £95
Total – £125
May Day & Madelyn Prints // Hayley Mitchell on Etsy
£53 each + Frames £12 each
£130 (plus shipping)
Another Chance Print // Kelly Money on Minted
40″x 30″ – $137 (£108 inc shipping)
Brass Bolts £40 + Sheet Acrylic c. £25
Total – £173
Solitaire in Orsbach – Infrared Print // PosterLounge
100 x 70 cm – £74 + Frame £106
Total – 
Abstract Print // Lola Donoghue on Etsy
36″ x 36″ on Paper – £150 + Frame £57
Total – £207
Large Moon Canvas // Graham & Green – £265
Wake II // Lindsay Megahed on Minted
44″x 44″ Print – $175 (£135 inc shipping) + Frame approx – £170
Total – £305
Last One In // Kiki & Polly34″ x 34″ Print – £256 (inc shipping) + Frame £53
Total – £309
Large Custom Weaving // Sunwoven on Etsy
JR Goodwin Cloud Play I //Rockett St George – £930
Anna Fisher // Ed Fairburn – other sizes available from $40 – $975
Daughter Merchandise // Ed Fairburn
Prints unavailable but other large prints are around $655
Embroidered Portrait // Cayce Zavaglia
Size not accurate & prints not available

Do you have a favorite? I probably go for one of the amazing cartographic portraits by Ed Fairburn if I could, but neither are available in the size I’d want, and even if they were, they’d be over my budget. You have to check out Cayce Zavaglia’s work too if you haven’t seen it – huge, amazingly intricate embroideries – they’re just awesome.

I have found one more option that’s not even up there…I’m a bit over excited about it coz I I think it might be a winner…I’ll keep you posted if/when it pans out!


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