A Beautiful Rug That Wasn’t Meant to Be

So I accidentally bought a rug. Something that has happened more times than I’d like to admit.

In my design board for the living room, I had a neutral Beni Ourain in here. I love them, but they’re everywhere, so I was having reservations. Then I stumbled across this Kazak beauty on eBay…

It looks coral in the listing photo (above) and I thought it might work with my coral chairs, so I put an impromptu bid on it way below the asking price. Totally wasn’t expecting it to get accepted, but it did – hence the “accidental” thing. Anyhoo, it rocked up a couple of days later, and I laid it out…

Sadly the coral was more red, and the cream was more dirty beige. It looks okay in these photos – it seems to photograph lighter and brighter than it looks in real life, so I can’t really fault the seller. But in reality, it’s got cooler undertones than I wanted it to have.

It is a beautiful rug, and it was useful to see what a really bold rug would look like in here. The answer though? Not great. It’s overpowering, and makes the ceilings feel lower and the whole room feel darker and more crowded, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.
So, I shipped it back, and I’m sticking with Plan A. I found a jute rug with the right dimensions and it’s on its way. I’m hoping to pick up a proper Beni Ourain in a couple of months. It was fun to experiment with this one though; even though it didn’t work out, it has diminished my reservations about Plan A. Bring on the Beni. 

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