My Name Is Lizzie and I Have a Problem With Chairs

Right now, I have fourteen dining chairs in my house, which is six less than I did have. I started with six white wheel-back chairs. I never got a photo of them in this house, but you can see them in the background of our last house’s living room.

I bought them right after we moved from Chicago because we had no chairs and we needed chairs. I liked that they were white, but they were more shabby chic than I am. I sold them to a super cute cafe in Camden Market, where they are now housing the bottoms of beautiful hipsters drinking artisan coffee (probably). I’m sure they’ll be very happy there.

I posted about my plans for our dining area back in December, but here’s a refresher.

I found the table new on eBay for half the John Lewis price (hooray) but I hesitated on the wishbone chairs because, while I am mildly infatuated with them, I thought they might be too big for our space. Instead, I found four cute little mid-century teak chairs in a charity shop for £5 each, so I jumped on them (not literally) and brought them home…

Aaaand, I don’t love them in here. They’re a too small for the table, and although the teak echoes the sideboard we have at the other end of the room, I don’t like it against the grey wash. They are cute little chairs though.

Then I found a pair of Marcel Breuer Cesca style chairs at the same charity shop. I love Cesca chairs, and although there were only two of them, I dragged them home too just to see what they were like.

The scale is much better, and I love the caning. I also like the blonder wood with the grey table, but with the rest of the room (which I will show you soon), I felt like I was adding one too many wood tones.

They also tip easily – both kids fell off them and so did J! I’m not sure if that’s because these are cheap knock-offs – perhaps a better reproduction wouldn’t have the same design flaw? I haven’t scrubbed the idea of Cesca style chairs, but I’m selling these particular two.

So then I found a set of wishbone knock-offs on eBay. They had leather seats rather than the cording that I love, but they were only £60 total, so again I figured I’d get them and see what they were like. If I liked them, I’d look for nicer ones with woven seats, and if I didn’t, I’d scratch the idea and rethink.

They were big, but they just about fit width-ways. I like the white frames. The lines aren’t too busy. They’re all really comfy, despite not actually matching each other in shape and size.

But they didn’t work.

They stick out so far, and this is already a pretty tight space. So they’re back on eBay and I’m back to the drawing board.

The mood board did have a bench in, and I’m still drawn to that, but I didn’t want to commit to the bench before I knew what I’d put with it. So as of now, I’m still thinking. Here are a few of the options I’m drawn to…

1. Cesca Chair – Classic Design Italia – £167 // I still love these chairs, and especially like that they’d repeat the mid-century thing going on elsewhere in the room. Perhaps with a white frame instead?
2. Rattan Chair – Cox & Cox – £185 // I do like rattan, although they’re probably not every practical.
3. Leather Chair – Heals – £395 // Okay, so definitely over my budget, but I had to include them. You never know what might pop up on eBay!
4. Asha Bench – £250 – John Lewis // The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking a bench is the way to go, at least on one side.
5. Misa Joy Chair – Heals – £215 // I kinda love these…you can customise the backs with different coloured elastics, and obviously acrylic is super practical. Haven’t seen them in person yet though.
6. Ghost Chair – Amara – £177 // Again, crazy practical with kids and definitely wouldn’t add to the sense of visual clutter. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them in light pink too, although I can’t find those online.
7. Ace Chair – Swoon Editions – £115 // Pretty white frames, and one of the more affordable options, but they’re sold in pairs (I probably only want three chairs), and while they’d probably look great with the table, I’m not sure I love them enough on their own.

Evidently I’m thoroughly indecisive, so if you’d like to weigh in, please do! Which are your favorites?

And, before I go, can I just talk about the lanterns super quick? I’d love a pendant here, but that’s not an option because we’re renting. These are each filled with a set of battery-powered fairy lights with automatic timers, so they light up every evening for a few hours. They obviously don’t produce anywhere near as much light as a pendant would, but the have the same visual effect of defining the space. And they’re pretty, so that’s a win in my opinion!



  1. May 31, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    Hi Lizzy, I came over from Swoon Worthy Blog. I have chairs way too many chairs also. What's up with that? Any who, I am loving the ghost chair. It will keep the small area light and airy without taking up space visually. Can't wait to see which one you pick!

  2. May 31, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    Hi Lory, thanks so much for visiting and weighing in 🙂 I'm kinda leaning towards the ghost chairs too, for all those reasons… X

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