Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

On Monday, I visited the kids’ school to talk to Year One about blogging, because they’re learning about the media this week. I promised to post something they’d find a little bit more interesting than my usual, as they put it, “here are some wonderfully cosy cushions” content.
So, Year One, this is for you (and anyone buying for small humans this Christmas): a round up of some awesome toys to include on your letters to Santa! My resident experts (age seven and four) already own most of what I’ve listed here, so we know it’s good stuff.
Christmas Gift Guide 2016 For Kids

1. Stomp Rocket – £13 // An air powered rocket launcher that lets you blast rockets into oblivion. Or your neighbour’s garden.
2. 7-in-1 Spy Sleeve – £18 // We don’t actually own this one yet, but with a telescope, torch, digital watch, compass and notepad, I’m sure it’d be a hit.
3. Snap Circuits – £22 // This is probably one of the best toys ever. You can build electronic circuits to do all kinds of cool stuff – burglar alarms, lights, sirens, even a helicopter. We also have the Snap Circuit Rover, which is a remote control robot version, and is equally as fun.
4. Play Kitchen – £59 + Utensils – £2.50 // This is one of the cutest, most affordable, and easily customisable play kitchens out there.
5. Backpack – £22 // Because small people enjoy collecting and carrying stuff around, in my experience.
6. Nerf Blaster – £14 // The boys in our house are big fans of Nerf wars. The girls…not so much.
7. Smart Watch – £43 // Another favourite toy: you can take photos, play games, record sound, and probably a load of other things that I don’t know about. Sebastian loves his. There’s also a pink version (£30).
8. Stripey Pyjamas – from £8 // On Christmas Eve, the kids get to open one present – a pair of new pyjamas. It’s a sweet tradition, and means they wake up on Christmas morning looking extra cute.
9. Star Pyjamas – from £8 // Even cuter if the pyjamas co-ordinate!
10. Rubber Band Gun – £9 // This is very similar to one Eleanor bought with her pocket money. It’s handmade and, as the victim of multiple shootings, I can promise that it doesn’t hurt (much).
11. Knight Helmet Hat – £8 // To keep all the mini warriors toasty.
12. Funtainers in blue and pink flowers – £14-£16 // Easy-to-open, insulated water bottles with minimal plastic.
13. Snood – £12 // Snoods are so much more practical for kids than traditional scarves, I think. I love the pom-poms on this one! There’s also co-ordinating gloves, ear muffs, and a hat.
14. Digital Camera – £50 // A bomb-proof camera, easy enough for a three-year-old to master. Bonus for the grown-ups: you’ll find considerably less photos of tiny feet on your iPhone.
15. Roman Sword  – £4.45 // Sebastian has quite the weaponry, but this cheap sword is a favourite because the scabbard has belt loops, and it’s lasted well through extensive battles.
16. The Elementia Chronicles – from £4 // If you have a Minecraft fan in your life, there’s a good chance they will love this book series. Sebastian read the first one cover-to-cover in three days – it kept him busy for hours!
17. Quadro – from £105 // A self-assembly climbing frame/house/slide/boat/plane/whatever else you can think of.
18. Me Reader – £18+ // A set of books that comes with a tablet so pre-readers can hear the story independently. My little ones loved theirs. This one is Disney Princess themed, but there are also Paw Patrol, Marvel Heroes, Frozen, Disney Junior, Thomas & Friends and lots more.
19. Double Jogging Stroller – £30 // Eleanor has a different version of this stroller, and it’s great – well-made and foldable, and can fit twin babies.

Bonus – I just stumbled across this doll house and it is amazing – a gold bean bag, hanging plant holder, macrame wall hanging, killer lighting…I mean, okay, I want it myself.

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