Living Room Progress & News

Firstly, news: we are moving again – boxes are being packed as I type. This makes five houses in five years. It wasn’t planned, but we’re renters, and sometimes that’s just how it goes. On the plus side, our new place is bigger, cheaper, and much closer to the kids’ school. It’s also a pretty similar layout, so most of the rooms that I was on the verge of finishing here will transfer pretty easily.

Anyway, back to this house. The living room definitely had it’s challenges: it’s long (ish) and narrow, quite dark, and a thoroughfare to the kitchen. I didn’t get a full room shot apparently, but you get an idea of how it was laid out from the floor plan.

The house has literally no storage aside from one tiny cupboard on the third floor, so we needed to find somewhere for tools, cleaning supplies, coats, medical supplies, bulbs, batteries, etc. I bought a couple of Ikea Pax units and ran them along the kitchen wall, and they are freaking awesome, my friends.

Seriously, they made a huge difference to the room. They kind of blend in, but the doors make them sculptural, and the down lighters are lovely at night. And they hold so much stuff.

I added handles from Anthropolgie, which were expensive and terrible quality, but they sure are pretty (should’ve taken a closer shot of those…oops).

My other favorite thing is the gallery wall above the sofa. I had been meaning to update some of the family photos, and honestly it feels a bit squished together – I’d like to have spaced the frames out just a smidge more, but I still liked it.

And the pillow situation isn’t ideal. That was on my to-do list too.

The other major challenge in this house is that it is tiny and full of awkward angles. The sofa wouldn’t fit through the front door and ended up having to be carried through the neighbours’ house, over the garden fence, and through our french doors in the kitchen. Bit of a mission…we’ll have to get it out the same way.

Our double-wide dresser wouldn’t fit up the stairs either, so we stuck it in the living room as a TV stand, but that actually worked out really well, and I loved it in there.

Having a massive TV in a little room could’ve been overpowering, but we stuck it in the nook under the stairs, off center on the larger dresser, it wasn’t as offensive as it could’ve been. It was hard to get picture that were pulled back enough to show you, but the one below gives you an idea.

I really thought this set up would be fairly temporary until I was able to properly design the space. The plan, which I never got to execute, involved a new rug, new cushions, tweaking that gallery wall, and tying it into the other end of the room, which houses our desk but was honestly too horrible to share.

All this moving is frustrating, I’m sure, for anyone reading about my never-finished plans, but I am seriously crossing my fingers that the next house will be a keeper for at least until we are able to buy our own home in a few years.



  1. October 19, 2015 / 6:43 pm

    Wow, I can't believe how many times you've moved! But sounds fun, especially if you love decorating 🙂 Great Ikea storage, perfect in your space! And your wall gallery is looking great too. Nothing is ever finished in our home, it's all one big very long project, lol!

  2. October 21, 2015 / 6:25 am

    Five moves in five years?! Wow, my hats off to you! Good luck with this move.

    And I think your gallery was is perfectly squished together! I love it.