Ideal Home Show Discoveries

I went to the Ideal Home Show last weekend, and I made a few new discoveries.

There are three furnished show homes in the middle of the exhibition, and wandering around, there were quite a few pretty things that caught my eye. When I looked each one up on the source list, almost all of them were from French Connection. I had no idea French Connection even had a homeware line. Having since perused their website, I’m even more smitten, and the price points are reasonable too. Very exciting. Here are a few of my picks:

Clockwise from top left:
Desk lamp – £115 // Side table – £155 // Straw bowl – £24 // Vase – £30

The show homes were steel-framed modular construction, which can be erected and rendered, ready to move into, within ten days of arriving at a site. I love this idea, and I am really drawn to this floor plan, from House Beautiful Homes, which I think cost around £170K (plus land, obviously):

I love the equal-sized kids bedrooms, and the fact that you could make that downstairs bedroom a little studio flat and let it out. I imagine it would be near impossible to find land to build on around where we live, but I’m definitely going to look into it. It’s got a lot more appeal than renovating an old place and all the stress that would incur.

Here are a few other companies/shops I came across that stood out:

Penelope Taylor (mainly cushions)

Kirath Ghundoo (wallpapers)
Finally, there were a few convertible desk/beds on display, but I wasn’t keen on the aesthetics of the ones at the show. It’s a great space-saving idea though, and I like this simple design that I’ve since found from John Strand (which is £1620, in case you were curious):