The Floor Plan

I drew up a floor plan for this house before we’d even moved in, because I wanted to get an idea of how (and if) everything would fit. Here’s what we’re working with…
It’s always a little enlightening to figure out what the exact square footage is…just a little under 900, which is even smaller than I thought (the listing said 1000). Gotta love London!
I do think it’s plenty big enough for our family of four though, as long as we keep it organised and efficient. So far that’s involved building a lot of Ikea wardrobes! It took a few months to figure out the layout, but this is the gist of how we’re living so far:
I’ve tweaked the living room here so it looks like I want it to when it’s finished. I’ll share my mood boards for that soon (there’s a navy Chesterfield involved, but I’m having a hard time convincing the Mr so far).