Gift Guide: Men

I’m recycling a few of my man-gift ideas from last year (because they’re that good), and adding a few new ones. Men are hard to buy for in my experience, but maybe you’ll get an idea or two here. Or maybe they’ll just be helpful and buy themselves something and ask you for the money, which is what usually happens in our house.

1. Swiss Army Farmer pocket knife – from £12 (Amazon) – I have one of these on my key chain and I use it on an almost daily basis, mainly for taking tags off stuff and fixing broken nails. I’m sure a man would find more manly uses for it too though.

2. Cashmere scarf – $110 / £110 (J Crew) – because maybe he’ll let you borrow it too.
3. 52 New Things by Nick J Thorpe – a year spent trying one new thing every week, from breaking a world record to recording a Christmas single. An inspiring and entertaining read for everyone (not just men).
4. Leather wash bag – $110 / £110 (J Crew) – so your man can feel more distinguished when he travels.
5. Cashmere sweater – £80 (Uniqlo) simple, classic and a great price, as far as cashmere goes.
6. Storm proof umbrella – (Senz via Amazon) – these technical umbrellas won’t turn inside out in winds less than 80 km/hr.

7. Socks – $14.50 / £14.50 (J Crew) – one of my default stocking stuffers, J Crew socks are so soft and comfy that I bagged some for myself last year too.
8. Titanium hip flask – $160 (Snow Peak) – super light and strong, titanium won’t add metallic taste to this rather dashing flask’s contents.

9. Steam gift card – a given for anyone who plays video games, which is 95% of the men I know.
10. Lightning bolt ankle reflectors – $16 – will make him go faster. Probably.
11. Seiko chronograph SNDA65 watch – $120 (Amazon) – great looking, very accurate, pretty much bomb-proof and not a bad price at all.

12. Petzl head torch – from $20 (Amazon) – I once lost my Petzl torch just before the first big snow storm one winter in Chicago. When the last manky pile of snow melted from the edge of the sidewalk, there it was, sitting right where I’d dropped it months earlier. It still worked, which I think says a lot about the engineering.