Lust List: Zara Home

I happened upon a Zara Home last weekend. I got overly excited about a doormat so, against my better judgement, I dragged my two-year-old away from her valiant attempts at suicide by slow moving traffic and went to check it out. They had ca-ute stuff in there, people.
Paisley leather rug // Wool rug // Toadstool basket
Door mat // Acrylic tables // Child’s chair
Bamboo towel ladder // White basket // Blanket
Herringbone cutlery // Jute rug // Leather runner

I was *this close* to buying said doormat but Eleanor had a melt down because I wouldn’t let her shoplift a hand towel (the colours didn’t match our decor, but she wouldn’t be told), so we left. But I will go back, even if I have to wait until she is in nursery to do it.