New Digs!

Happy New Year! We found a lovely little house and I’m on the verge of getting the chaos under control. We’ve been here almost a month, and we’ve unpacked all the boxes, but we’ve still got a way to go before everything finds a place. On the plus side, the house is gorgeous and neutral so there’s not a lot we need to do to make it ours.

All these photos are from the listing with the landlords’ things in. They’re not the best photos – they don’t really do it justice – but they give you an idea of what it’s like.

It has a lovely big living room with a huge conservatory. And check out that garden! We have a garden!

 This one’s from the conservatory looking back towards the entryway.

The kitchen/dining room is super cute. I love the wall colour – it’s a soft greyish lilac – and the floors are gorgeous. The kitchen wraps all the way round behind that wall on the left, so it’s bigger than it looks here.

It easily fits a big table. We sold our dining furniture before we left and I’ve already found a table but I’m still debating chairs. We’ve put our desk where the buffet is. I don’t love having an office in the dining room but I think it’ll work if we keep it tidy.

This is the upstairs landing, leading to one of the two and a half bathrooms. Lovely slate floor in there and pretty grey tiles floor-to-ceiling.

Next up is the master bedroom. It’s small but perfectly formed – two decent closets and space for a king size bed. A UK king is about the same as a US queen. We sold our old bed and side tables (they wouldn’t have fitted in a single house we looked at here!) and we’re currently on a mattress on the floor but I ordered our new bed yesterday. The side of the house is angled so it’s an usual shape but it doesn’t look odd in person.

It has a bathroom off one side. Again, it’s small, but I feel like big bathrooms are wasted space – I prefer more living area.

This is the second bedroom, now home to our little man. It’s tight, but feels much bigger with a single bed in there.

And the third bedroom, which is now Eleanor’s. Again, tight but definitely adequate, and much bigger than most of the third bedrooms in other places we looked at – some couldn’t even fit a single bed.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on this place because we’ll likely only be here a year or two, tops. As nice as the house is, the location isn’t perfect – we’re seven miles from Sebastian’s school and three from the train station (J cycles to the station, so it adds a good chunk of time to his commute). And we’re in a village where we wanted to be at least in a town, if not a city. For now though, it’s good, and it’ll give us a chance to explore and figure out where we really want to buy a house down the road.