Kids’ Style: Seeing Stripes

Here are a few of the looks I’m loving for my wee lass lately. Shocker: there’s something stripy in every outfit (at least I’m consistent). Truth is, I want to buy all these clothes for Eleanor but in a effort to restrain myself, I’m sharing here instead.
Poncho – Scotch & Soda // Boots – Clarks// Tights – JoJo Maman
Watch – Nordstrom // Skirt – Scotch & Soda

I’ve been eyeing those boots since I first spotted them in October, but they were expensive and when I tried them on her, E writhed around on the floor violently to illustrate her hatred of them (she wanted glittery purple wellies instead). But then last week I noticed they went on sale so I got them in a too-big size for next year. Hopefully she’ll learn to appreciate their prettiness by then!
 Scarf – Scotch & Soda // Headband – H&M // Jumper – H&M
Tee – GAP // Loafers – GAP // Cargo Pants – GAP

Two words: gold loafers. Eeep. I would totally rock this outfit myself, although I’m not sure I could pull off a chevron headband.
Sunglasses – H&M // Dress – H&M
Necklace – J Crew // Shoes – Marks & Spencer

This one is Eleanor’s personal favorite – she is sitting here squealing “Ah me! Mine!” and giggling as I type. She’s also smearing hummus all over my arm, but that’s less relevant.

Hair Clips – JoJo Maman // Blouse – GAP
Leggings – H&M // Sunglasses – GAP // Shoes – Clarks

I just love those leggings! So cute! I’d buy the shoes myself too, if they came in my size.