Renegade Craft Fair: What You Missed

Last weekend, I went to check out the Renegade Craft Fair with a girlfriend and NO KIDS. It was awesome. I was a bit over-excited by all the pretty things and the fact that I could actually look at them all without having to shout “Don’t touch that!” every two minutes. I bought more than I probably should have, but it was all so pretty. Most of the vendors had Etsy shops or other online stores, so you can check them out too.

I came home with three necklaces for myself. I broke three of my favorite necklaces lately, so I don’t feel too guilty. (I caught all of them on cabinet knobs bending over and snapped them when I stood up again. Doh.)

{Fringe Necklace by Voz Collective – $30 at Renegade // $40 online}

My girlfriend also got one of these first ones and wore it around the rest of the day. She got complimented on it every five minutes, not kidding.

The other two necklaces I bought are both on long chains, so I will try not to destroy them this time.
{Left: Necklace by TYTIN Jewelry – $66}
{Right: Necklace by Sparrow Collective – $25 at Renegade // $32 online}
For Eleanor’s room, I picked up a cute print that reminds me of the Ivy Cottage books I used to read when I was little. My parents still have them so she’ll get to read them too when she’s a bit older. I asked the Mr if he liked it and he said it was “interesting.” Ha.
{“Feast” Print by Lisa Chow – $25}

For Sebastian’s room I grabbed a little card and a big print, both of which I plan to frame – I want to redo pretty much all the art in there eventually, and he’s much more into space rockets now than he is trucks and cars. The poster is actually a Black Keys gig print, but I didn’t realize that before I bought it. Makes it that much cooler though…and makes me that much less!

{Letterpress Chicago Card by Paper Parasol Press – $5}
{Desert Launch 18″x24″ Print by DKNG – $30 at Renegade // $40 online}

I also picked up the little Chicago print below. I’m not sure where it’ll end up yet, but I liked that it wasn’t so obvious (a lot of the Chicago art had “Chicago” written all over it).

{Chicago 8″x10″ Print by Lucius Art – $18}

There were a lot of other pretty things that I resisted… I would have snagged the scarf in a heartbeat if it was cheaper.

{Color Pop Infinity Scarf by CristinRae – $70}
{Chicago Architecture Tea Towel by Girls Can Tell – $14}
{Ceramic Bowl by Ceramica Botanica – $150}
{12″ Washi Tape Cake Topper by Gnome’s Whimsy – $10}

Finally, the one that almost got away. I was just typing how I wish I’d bought one of these beauties, then I decided I loved it too much and I was just going to order one on Etsy. So I did. Just now. Yay!

{Linen Clutch by This Loves That – $22}

She also has some awesome wooden jewelry. I might need this one to match my new clutch…

{Wooden Necklace by This Loves That – $18}

Renegade was awesome – if there’s one in your area, it’s definitely worth a look. So much prettiness but still generally quite affordable. The next Chicago one is in December.

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