Easy DIY: Paper-Covered Storage

I just realized I promised to talk more about this little project months ago, and never did. So let’s just pretend that the Christmas tree is something more seasonally appropriate, shall we?

I realize it’s probably a bit silly to even write a tutorial for this, given how simple is it. Humor me.

Here’s what I started with…

A dusty, tired and very useful box (it holds a bunch of papers I need to keep hang on to but rarely have to access), in a color not dissimilar to poo. Yes, I went there.

– Box (really)
– Thick wrapping paper (mine is from World Market)
– Scissors and/or craft knife
– Spray adhesive
– Double sided tape
– Ruler for scoring edges

How To
Using the lid as a template, I cut out the paper, leaving enough space at the edges to wrap around. I used spray adhesive and laid the lid on top of the paper, then cut out the corners like this (scoring where it would fold)…

I used double sided tape for the edges, mainly because I’d have gotten spray adhesive everywhere otherwise. Not that that happened. One strip of tape went along the outer edge, and one went along the inner edge, so when I folded it over, it was nice and secure.

I also used a teeny bit when I was folding the corners over.

It gave me nice clean edges.

I did the same with the main part of the box as I did with the lid. And that was it. Far from rocket science, but it makes a colorful little addition to the top of our media cabinet.