DIY: Button Monogram

Here’s the latest addition to the Big Boy bedroom…

I started by printing a letter S (my Little Man’s first initial). I blew it up so it almost filled a regular sized sheet of paper, then I cut it out and drew around it with pencil onto my fabric (though a disappearing ink pen would have been better). I ended up not using this fabric (which was paper-backed linen, meant for binding books), due to unforeseen complications down the road, but the beginning process would have been the same anyway.

I laid out all the buttons…

…and went through one-by-one, sticking them to the fabric with PVC glue (aka Elmer’s glue). Don’t do this! The glue made the fabric pucker, which I thought might be salvageable once I attached it to the backing and framed it. I was so sure, in fact, that I went through the laborious process of adding brads/drawing pins into all the little gaps…

…but alas, it wasn’t to be. It actually looked even worse when it was framed.

So I decided to start again, this time using burlap. Again I traced my S onto the fabric…

…and then slowly picked all the buttons off the original fabric and this time hand-sewed them onto the burlap. This part took me about four hours, but it looked so much better when it was done. I decided that there was enough detail with the blue thread that it didn’t need the brads this time, so I secured it to a piece of thick card stock with staples, and popped it back in the frame.

Love it. And it cost me all of about $5, since I already had the fabric and the frame on hand. The Little Man likes it a lot so, even though it took ages, I think it was worth it. I might make another one for Miss Wigglepants once we decide on a name.

Update: I made another one of these for one of S’s best buddies when he turned two. This time, the whole process took about three and a half hours. Read more about it here.


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  1. January 16, 2012 / 11:03 am

    Very Cute!!