Upholstered Bed: A Sneak Peek

This is sadly just a teaser – I was hoping to have the bed for our Little Man’s new room done by now, but it’s going to be at least another week, I think. Here’s where we’re at so far… I bought and assembled the Ikea bed frame, like so:

Then upholstered it with foam batting and fabric:

I blame Miss Wigglepants (aka the Bump) for making me scatter brained and unable to calculate simple measurements, which is why the foot of the bed still doesn’t even have foam on yet (I bought 5″ too little – doh).

Also, I hate the fabric – I was trying to be thrifty, and the wool felt I used echoes the blue in the rug but it’s just not working – it’s too loud and it looks cheap. Happily, it was only $5 for all the yardage I needed, so it’s not a big deal now that I have to recover it. Want to know what I’ve chosen as its replacement?

It’s Dwell Studio Square Lattice Hydrangea, and I wanted it the moment I first laid eyes on it – it’s super soft, the colors echo those in the rug and the bedding, and the geometric print is fun but not too childish. The only reason I didn’t bring it home right away was because JoAnn’s were selling it for $35 a yard, making it a steep $175 for the yardage I needed. It only dawned on me when I went back today that I should probably check online – sure enough, it’s only $16 a yard on fabric.com – I can handle $80 total.

So now I’m just waiting for the fabric to arrive and the mattress we bought over the weekend to be delivered. Oh, and I still have to make another trip to JoAnn’s for the foam batting. Once all that is here, it shouldn’t take long at all to finish it up, so it’s all coming together, even if it is a slower process than I’d like.