An Organized Office Space

I’m still considering options for the wall above our new office area, but in the meantime, I have been making the rest of the space more efficient. I first sorted this space a long time ago, so I don’t have proper “before” pictures. Just imagine piles of pens, pencils, cables and office supplies.

In the years since it was first sorted, the Mr has been gradually un-organizing it all (he has a certain knack for that), so I spent a bit of time clearing out the clutter and making everything easy to see again. The key ingredient? Plastic fishing tackle boxes with adjustable dividers. You can buy them from a lot of places (including craft stores like Michael’s and JoAnns), but I’ve found the best prices at hardware stores like Menards and outdoor shops like Bass Pro. Amazon also sells some for very reasonable prices (like this).

I have five boxes total – two large, two medium and one small. Have a gander at drawer number one…

Here are the contents – cables (which the Mr seems to collect), SD cards, adapters and cell phone accessories.

Another drawer…

This one holds yet more cables (I’m hoping he’ll go through those and we can get rid of some), a calculator, glue, tape, labels and a label maker and other office supplies.

And the last one…

…which holds two medium tackle boxes and one small one. (Note the reason my photos aren’t great on the left of this pic – I was in a bit of a rush before little hands started rearranging everything!)

These ones hold pens, pencils and smaller items, like thumb tacks, paper clips and rubber bands.

I’ve seen prettier office drawers, but I honestly don’t think I’ve seen any that hold so much so efficiently – I love how easy it is to pull a box out and find exactly what you’re looking for straight away.