Welcome To My Humble Abode

It’s been quite a challenge, coming first from the English countryside and then the American suburbs (as I have), trying to figure out how to take what is essentially a concrete bunker (albeit a rather nice concrete bunker) and turn it into a comfy family home. Here I hope to share how I’m doing exactly that, one pretty thing at a time.

For now, here’s a little look at what we started with six months ago, before we moved in…

{Floor to ceiling windows in the living room}
{The great room/kitchen – note the army green fireplace lurking on the right}
{Granite and stainless steel in the kitchen}
{Love the brick work in the master bedroom…and those windows, again}
{The second bedroom, complete with manky student desk}
{Not much to see in the third bedroom/office}

The main thing that sold me on this place over all others was the square footage – 1650 square feet in downtown Chicago on our budget was not easy to find. And it essentially had three bedrooms (technically one is a den, since it has no closet, but meh – details schmetails). Three! I had sadly accepted that moving downtown probably meant downsizing, but happily it wasn’t so.

The second bedroom and the den are super dark, because they have no outside windows. The extra space far outweighs the lack of light in those two rooms though. And I like a decorating challenge so I convinced myself (and the hubby, would had never set foot in the place before we moved in) that I could make it all gorgeous. So, on that note, watch this space!