The Floor Plan of Our Three Bedroom Chicago Loft

I’ve just updated my home tour page and thought I’d share the floor plans that I spent hours creating today (thanks to So, without further ado, here is how our loft floor plan is laid out.
Floor plan for our three bed, two bath Chicago loft condo, without furnishings

You enter from a hallway and there is a balcony at the “bottom” of the living area.

Although the whole place is still a work in progress, here is the layout at present. Disclaimer: position of dog accurate at time of publication
Floor plan for our three bed, two bath Chicago loft condo, with furnishings
So, what’s going to change?

  • Master bedroom – The master will probably stay pretty much as it is now, although I would like to find a little chair (maybe on Craigslist) if I can figure out how to fit it in.
  • Guest room/office – I’m in the process of converting this into the wee man’s big boy room. We’re going to replace the double bed with a single and the desk will move out to make way for toy storage.
  • Nursery – The nursery will probably become a little office until #2 comes along, whenever that might be. Then, of course, it’ll be back to being a nursery.
  • Living/dining area – This will mostly stay the same, except the toys will be gone (yay). Eventually we might have to make room for the desk, maybe on the right there next to the kitchen.
Interestingly, if all my measurements are correct, this actually puts our square footage somewhere around 1210. The listing said it was 1650 – that’s a pretty significant difference. The balcony is around 220, but still. I believe our old place (a two bed, two bath condo in the burbs which we’re renting out now) is around 1200, so actually this place isn’t much different. I think because it’s more open though, and the ceilings are taller, it feels a lot bigger. And that extra room makes a huge¬†difference, so I’m certainly not complaining!