Paint Colors for the Big Boy Room

I have finally decided on paint colors for my little man’s big boy room. I emailed our landlord two weeks ago, and he agreed that we could paint all three bedrooms (yay!), which has resulted in numerous trips to Sherwin Williams, Home Depot and Ben Moore and my amassing a small army of paint samples.

I found this photo in a Crown paint catalog in England and loved the feel of the room (excuse the photo – I tried to find the image on their website, but had no luck).

Thinking the room would be lighter with cream as the main wall color, I picked up a sample of Behr’s Kansas Grain, which is very similar to the color in the picture. When I tried it on the wall with the lack of natural light though, it looked too dull to be the main color.

Maybe I could do blue walls, still use the cream in stripes and add a few other colors in to keep it bright and cheery. Remember the design board I did for this room?

I wanted to pull the colors from the rug, so I picked up more samples in cheery shades of green, orange and a couple of different blues. I wanted to try my trusty Bird’s Egg too, but when I pulled out my extra can of said Bird’s Egg (left over from the living room fireplace) though, it wasn’t actually Bird’s Egg. Thank you, Ace Hardware, for mixing me paint a shade darker than I asked for (Benjamin Moore’s Tranquil Blue) – as it turns out, I kind of love it!

So, as it stands, the main wall color is going to be Behr’s Airy. It’s no longer available and I can’t find a good picture but it’s a light, calming blue which reflects a lot of light and makes the room brighter. The accent colors are going to be Behr’s Japanese Fern, Ben Moore’s Tranquil Blue and Behr’s Citrus Blast (top to bottom below).

I’m not quite sure how the stripes are going to work yet, but I’ve been experimenting. I might end up doing three sets of stripes because of the 10′ ceilings, but I want to get the walls painted before I make any decisions on that.

Now, I’d love to say that I’ll be able to show you a freshly painted room by the weekend, but our landlord is complicating things. You know how I mentioned he’d agreed to us painting the rooms two weeks ago? Well, yesterday I got another email from him saying he wants us to sign a new lease prior to painting. Oh yeah, and he might raise the rent. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but needless to say, I’m not going to paint until it’s all sorted. Gotta love renting, right?