Living Room Progress

I’ve been in a bit of a frenzy since I got back from England less than four weeks ago, trying to get the living room sorted. I’d say it’s about 70% done now. First, let’s sneak a peek at what it was like not long after we moved in – everything squeezed on to a way-too-small rug and all clashing with the green fireplace wall…

Dining on an old desk and patio chairs. Classy.

And now…

Still to do:
– Replace the side tables
– Finish/redo my “lack hack” coffee table (I wallpapered an Ikea table, but it didn’t go exactly to plan – I’ll post more on that later)
– Make light teal throw pillows for the chairs and maybe one for the sofa
– Replace the bookshelf (I have a bigger one that I’m planning to paint and prettify)
– Paint the two kids’ chairs a less obtrusive colour
– Accessorize
Once the little man’s big boy room is complete, I’m hoping to move most (if not all) the toys out of the living room too, and just keep his little table.

So, still a fair way from being “done,” but I’m excited with the way it’s looking so far.